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There are many ways you can buy your next luxury time pieces from Chase Hattan Watches, different customers have different needs and requirements so we do our best to be able to provide peace of mind and comfort.

We understand that although we operate whereby you are more than welcome to come in our Canary Wharf, London offices and buy your watch in person in most cases in fact with over 90% of our customers the purchase is done completely online or over the phone (over 60% of our watches are sold and sent out of the UK) and that takes a great deal of trust in the company you are buying from.

Here we outline some of the ways you can buy from us and what benefits these may provide you, we are of course open to any new suggestions as to how we can sell you a watch! Just let our team know..

Chase Hattan Watches Direct – You can buy from us directly in person at our offices, just get in contact first and book an appointment (we recommend booking an appointment as no stock is store at our offices but is brought up on the morning of your visit for a viewing), you can buy over the phone on 0207 510 1756 (we accept all major credit and debit cards including Amex) or you can buy through our website with options to pay using all the major payment cards along with PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Chrono24 – We have operated an online store with Chrono24 for many years with numerous excellent reviews as a trusted seller, there are some benefits to buying through Chrono24 the biggest of which is the escrow service they provide. Effectively when you buy one of our watches through Chrono24 you pay them directly either by bank transfer, Credit or Debit Card or PayPal. Once payment has cleared and checks are complete we are instructed to send the watch out to you using one of our secure shipping partners. Your funds remain in Escrow i.e., we have no access to these until you confirm receipt of the watch and that you are happy with the watch. Only then are we paid 7 days later by Chrono24. If you are a customer that prefer the comfort of this method either click the Chrono24 link at the top right of this page to go direct to our store or call one of our team to talk you through it.

eBay – Similar to Chrono24 we have operated an online store on eBay for many years and have excellent reviews and ratings across this sales platform. There are many customers that are aware of the tried and tested method of purchasing through eBay using either PayPal or their new in house payment platform to complete a purchase and again we welcome our clients to purchase any of our watches on this platform which provides many with confidence an reassurance due to this simplified payment process and the comfort of the automatic return policy. To view our eBay store just click the link at the top right of this page.


In truth, we try to make the purchasing process as simple as possible whilst also appreciating a new watch can be a significant purchase we want to provide all the reassurance and comfort we can. Its why we offer many different payment options, various different purchasing platforms and ultimately why we turn orders around as quick as we can using in many cases next day delivery. Please, carry out your own checks and research rather than us directly to a link or webpage simply put our name into a search engine and see what comes up we have nothing to hide!

You may not find us at the top of independent reviews sites however that probably is more likely due to fact that we don’t pay an review website or company, our reviews and feedback from our customers is genuine and independent. As well as reviews by many previous customers we are well respected within the industry and upon request can point you towards other retailers to provide a review on how we operate.